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MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Consulting provided leasing and relocation advisory services to SPARTA, Inc., an advanced technology firm in Columbia, MD.

MacKenzie provided leasing and relocation advisory services to SPARTA, Inc., an advanced technology firm in Columbia, MD.

MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services

Corporate Consulting

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

MacKenzie provides a wide range of commercial real estate advisory services to our clients. Our focus is on developing and implementing real estate strategies that are tailored to your overall business objectives and help you make sound real estate decisions. We start by listening to our clients' unique needs, understanding, and then applying holistic solutions that create value. This proven approach allows our clients to focus on their core competencies, while receiving better and timelier information and benefiting from reduced cycle time.

Whether a company occupies 5,000 square feet or manages a portfolio of offices, locally or nationally, our advisors can act as your real estate department if none exists or as an extension of your department, providing creative, intuitive solutions throughout the real estate evaluation process.

MacKenzie's Commercial Real Estate Consulting services include:

  • Tenant Advisory Services
  • Strategic Planning and Consulting
  • Transactional Brokerage
  • Real Estate Market and Demographics Research
  • Valuation Services
  • Project Management
  • Facilities Planning and Management
  • Relocation Consulting
  • Occupancy Cost Evaluations and Analysis
  • Logistical Analysis, including Supply Chain Strategy

Business Consulting: MacKenzie Consulting Group

The MacKenzie Consulting Group is comprised of a multi-dimensional team of real estate, business management, and logistics professionals, whose mission is to solve business problems with real estate solutions.  

Our philosophy is simple. A firm's approach to real estate plays a unique and significant role in their overall efficiency, ability to access markets and drive bottom line results. So we apply a broad range of industry knowledge to create customized real estate strategies that reduce expenses, increase revenues, and utilize assets more efficiently.

In line with MacKenzie's core values, to listen, understand, and then create a tailored solution, MacKenzie Consulting projects begin with a diagnostic interview whose findings are used to develop a detailed scope of value-added services. Once engaged, the team works in partnership with the client to implement customized solutions and real estate strategies.


  • Business Strategy Assessment and Translation
  • Supply Chain Strategy Formulation
  • Location Strategies
  • Facility Financial Analysis
  • Network Location Rationalization
  • High Performance Facility Design
  • Real Estate Strategy and Implementation Support
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Profiling
  • Performance Monitoring Metric Development




MacKenzie Strategy... MacKenzie develops and implements tailored real estate strategies that meet our clients’ business objectives.

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