Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

We are focused on returns across the risk spectrum from value added to opportunistic with a focus on asset classes with lower volatility.    Our investments are thoroughly researched and asymmetrically balanced in favor of reward, but our strategy does require a moderate tolerance for risk.  Capital is matched with each opportunity based on risk tolerance, desired holding period and current investment philosophy.

Focused On Growth Markets

We focus on growing markets with room to run on rent growth and demographics.  We tend to avoid fortress cities and markets that mostly attract larger institutional investors with more and cheaper capital to deploy.  Our focus is from the mid-Atlantic through the Southeast.  Emphasis is placed on job growth, population growth, and municipal fiscal discipline.  The principals have all been in business for more than 20 years, are well-networked through past activity and partnerships in each market.


Our performance-based compensation model means that we invest exclusively when we have conviction.  We do not have pressure to deploy capital for the purpose of collecting management fees.  The majority of our opportunities evolve from pre-existing relationships established over decades and are often off market in nature.

Hands-On Asset Management

Deployment of capital only marks the beginning of our involvement.  We are highly involved in asset management throughout the holding period and deploy the talents and services of an in house 200-person organization.  The ability to add value is our key strength and thorough execution ensures that we maximize returns for our investors.


We keep an open mind, investing across various property types and all asset classes.  This approach allows us to capture strong secular tailwinds.   This variety of experience also allows us to identify distressed deep value opportunities during periods of dislocation.

Symbiotic Partnerships

We take pride in developing enduring relationships.  This is exemplified through honesty and integrity, as well as through more structured ways, such as above-market compensation incentives.  In addition to being the right thing to do, it is good business, often providing access to better opportunities and better talent.

Crossroads Distribution Center
Jacksonville, Florida