The Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Agency

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What makes a full-service commercial real estate agency “full service?” 

In a typical commercial real estate agency, seasoned brokers work with buyers and sellers to conduct leasing and sales initiatives. Full-service commercial real estate agencies offer this necessary service, and much, much more. When you work with a full-service firm, you have access to brokers, property managers, commercial contractors, debt and equity specialists… the list goes on! Here, the team at MacKenzie Companies defines what a full-service commercial real estate firm entails and the benefits of working with one.


Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Agencies: An Overview


The inclusion of “full-service” in the title might signify that full-service agencies are an all-in-one resource for all things commercial real estate. But, what specifically does that entail? Full-service firms provide expertise in sales and property leasing, as well as property management, investing and even property development. The MacKenzie Companies started as a development firm, and has grown over 50 years into the seven firms that it is now.  

MacKenzie’s firms provide clients with a competitive and expansive platform of offerings in leasing, sales, investment sales, tenant and landlord advisory services, corporate and business consulting, and development. Clients also have the benefit of working with professionals in general construction, property and asset management, multifamily management, debt and equity capital placement, and data analytics.

The Benefits of Going Full-Service



When working with a full-service firm, there is an experienced professional to answer any question and handle any project. Clients can work with a full-service firm in a variety of capacities—they can work with a broker to lease their property or commercial space, and then manage the daily operations of the property with the help of a dedicated property manager. Full-service firms have general contractors to handle needs from groundbreaking construction of new buildings to interior buildouts, capital advisors skilled in financing projects small and large, and comprehensive asset management to maximize return on investment.


Full-Service Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of every successful commercial project. MacKenzie’s seven divisions work closely together on almost every commercial project, from construction, to leasing, to management. Collaboration between our divisions and partnerships means dynamic accessibility for professionals in each and every division and an overall well-rounded experience than you would not get working with different firms whose divisions work in a vacuum. 


A Local Touch

At MacKenzie, we know local matters and we have built our company values, ideals and practices revolving around this simple mantra. We live in the communities in which we work; all of our divisions and services reside locally, which means we are able to be deft in our decisions and individualized tenant support. 


A Comprehensive Perspective 

When working with a full-service commercial real estate agency, the level of market intel and perspectives clients have access to has long-term benefits. A comprehensive outlook of innovative trends from several distinct specializations in commercial real estate leads to better business decisions and durable success.


Work with the Commercial Real Estate Professionals at the MacKenzie Companies


When you work with MacKenzie, you get to work with a competitive real estate company that combines real-time data, world-class technology, and a “local-matters” attitude to create opportunities for every company. To learn more about MacKenzie’s seven divisions, click here. To learn more about the comprehensive services offered at MacKenzie Companies and how they can benefit you, contact us today!