Commercial Real Estate Trends to Observe in the Dawn of 2021

What began as impromptu measures and quick fixes to stop the spread have morphed into semi-permanent structures. Buildings that solely required PPE and makeshift plexiglass barriers are now being upgraded entirely to include new HVAC systems, self-cleaning door handles and spaced coworking layouts. We may be welcoming 2021 with anticipatory arms, but by no means…

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Tools of the Smart Investor

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Individual real estate investors arrive on the investment field for several reasons—their primary line of business, to augment their day-to-day profession, or sometimes, by inheritance. In any case, the tools of the successful investor emerge through relationship-based knowledge from trusted professionals; they have a preassembled “kitchen cabinet” team with well-versed skill sets that are managed…

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The Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Agency

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What makes a full-service commercial real estate agency “full service?”  In a typical commercial real estate agency, seasoned brokers work with buyers and sellers to conduct leasing and sales initiatives. Full-service commercial real estate agencies offer this necessary service, and much, much more. When you work with a full-service firm, you have access to brokers,…

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