How Can You Help Your Local Retailers in Maryland?

It may surprise you, but a whopping 99.9% of businesses in the United States are considered small businesses. That means when you are shopping for clothing at your favorite local boutique instead of fast fashion or browsing home decor at a family-owned consignment shop over Amazon, you are choosing and supporting local business. 


Local retailers keep markets competitive and encourage entrepreneurship, amongst so many other benefits. In times like these, small businesses are often hit the hardest, but there are many ways to extend your support and loyalty to your favorite local retailers even if you cannot do so in person. Here are some simple yet valuable ways to help your local Maryland retailers, according to the commercial retail brokerage team at the MacKenzie Companies.


Shop and Eat Locally


Local retailers have been hit the hardest after months of extended shutdowns and limited in-person attendance capabilities. This year, making a point to shop your local retailers in lieu of virtual window shopping the big e-commerce platforms will ensure you’re helping keep the wheels of your local economy turning. Many small retailers in Maryland are remaining open with reduced capacity during these challenging times and the support of their community will ensure they remain open for business amid a pandemic that has caused thousands of businesses to permanently shut their doors. 


Example retail marketplaces in Baltimore that are offering both in-person and online shopping include Belvedere Square in North Baltimore and Cross Street Market in Federal Hill, among many others.


Support Local Retailers Through Digital Outlets


So many of us remain wary of shopping in-person as the pandemic creeps on. For individuals who have struggled to determine the best modes of supporting their local retailers while remaining at home, many of your favorite shops may offer online ordering, delivery services and virtual gift cards. Nowadays, there are immensely creative ways to shop online and shop local at the same time.


Even if you are not in the position to support local retailers in a monetary way at this time, there are alternative and free ways to promote your favorite shops and spread the word about their products or services. For example, following your favorite retailers on social media and engaging with their content goes a long way, as does writing them a positive review on Google or social media.


Get Involved in Your Favorite Shop’s Community and Educational Efforts 


There is a great chance your favorite local coffee shop or clothing boutique offers sponsorships with local organizations, partnerships with other local businesses or even educational opportunities regarding their products or services. Getting involved with your local community at this time is more important than ever. Attending virtual community and educational events that promote local businesses, or are sponsored by your favorite local businesses, is a great way to show your support and learn something new at the same time.


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