Are Outdoor Spaces Here To Stay? Commercial Property Owners Are Banking On It.

For many Baltimore area real estate owners, adapting to restricted capacity regulations during the pandemic meant adding or expanding their outdoor spaces. Now that restrictions have loosened, property managers at MacKenzie Management say owners are realizing their customers want this access to the outdoors to be permanent – and are willing to invest in it.…

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Building Value: Energy Standards

Legislators are mandating more use of Renewable Energy, which comes with a price; now’s the time to prepare for how this will affect your energy spend. No longer viewed as “niche,” renewable energy is coming into its prime. Most agree that definite changes in our use of natural resources are needed. Greater concern for our…

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Due Diligence Matters: Elevators

elevator lobby with multiple elevators along the walls

As buildings begin to age, there’s often the need for a complete upgrade to the elevator(s), commonly referred to as an Elevator Modernization. The costs can vary depending on the specific needs of your building, but most Elevator Modernizations are major capital expenditures costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it’s important to…

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