MacKenzie Contracting Industry Insights

White Paper: The Importance of Engaging with a General Contractor Prior to Your Lease Expiration Date


Tenants face various challenges when it comes to optimizing their workspace, be it through renovations, relocations, or lease renewals. Engaging with a general contractor long before your lease expires is a strategic move that can alleviate many of these hurdles. This white paper outlines the…

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Percentage of Women Construction Workers Rises to an All-Time High


Locally, 30 percent of all MacKenzie Contracting Company employees are women  A recent article in The Washington Post revealed that 14 percent of all construction workers in the U.S. are now women, representing an all-time high, a figure that has consistently risen since 2016, with…

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The Value of Open Book Contracting – Is It Right for Your Project?


The “design-bid-build” method has been the industry norm for many years. However, is it always the right approach for every construction project? Below, the team at MacKenzie Contracting compares traditional bidding methods with Open Book contracting so you can determine the right method for completing…

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How We Navigate Potential Schedule Delays with Material Delivery and Permitting Times


Given today’s delays with manufacturing and permitting processes, contractors have to find new ways to navigate construction scheduling. While unforeseen events of the past year have contributed to increased material pricing and project delays, there are methods that the MacKenzie Contracting professionals employ to maneuver…

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commercial construction worker looking at a project holding a hard hat

The State of Commercial Contracting: Adapting to the New Normal


At the end of a tumultuous second quarter, what should tenants and landlords in the Mid-Atlantic be considering construction-wise as we approach four months of our “new normal?” Joe Versey, Senior Vice President of Business Development for MacKenzie’s Contracting Division, weighs in on the current…

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Safety Considerations for Construction Work During COVID-19


Reducing the spread of coronavirus in the workplace goes hand-in-hand with good hygiene best practices. From wearing personal protective equipment, to frequently washing and sanitizing hands, to social distancing whenever possible, the implementation of safety measures on your job site will be critical to ensuring…

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